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Staff Contacts

Owner - ( Jesse Grabowski)

Questions about chapter policies, donations and other

Alliance Denver Information.

GM  - ( Jesse Grabowski)

Local campaign questions and rullings.

Plot - (Jesse Grabowski, Jennifer Beach, Dani Meir, David Clements, Miguel Alberto)

Character Background Submissions, Plot Write-ups, After game reports and in game actions.

Rules-   (Jesse Grabowski, David Clements)

Rules questions and Clarifications.

Customer Service: (Jonathan Wisner)

Questions regarding problems or comments about Alliance or the chapter it's self.

Tavern-  (Jack Jenkins)

Questions about food and tavern operations, please send any food allergies here if you plan to purchase a food package.

Logistics- (Mac McCammon)

Sheet submissions, Character Updates, Goblin Point Expenditures, and other in game character related issues.

Weapon Marshals- (Trace Moriarty, Zach Brooks )

​Weapon questions and weapon construction queries.

Props & Donations - (Eric Steinkamp)

Donations, Prop and questions.

Web Master - (Zach Brooks)

Questions or corrections for the website.