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Alliance National Race Packets can be found here.


There are usually three places to find information about playing your particular race correctly.

1. The Rule Book will give you an overview of how to place the race and some basic makeup and costume requirements.

2. The Alliance National Race Packets will further elaborate on what is posted in the rule book.

3. Local Race Packets, provided by your local chapter, will give you the local flair of how that race fits into the culture of the land, providing histories, cultural enemies, important NPCs, such as leaders and villains. In order to request a local race packet, you must have an active membership on file at Alliance Larp Denver, and have a character of that race in our database. Please do not share these as many cultural secrets may exist within and it is more fun for everyone when these things happen in game.  

It is recommended that prior to playing your first event, you read as much of these as you can to fully immerse yourself into the role and get accustomed to playing that race in Acarthia.