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986 Apache Rd. Florissant CO 80816
Make your way to downtown Woodland Park on 24. From downtown, you are approximately 35 minutes away.
IGNORE where you would normally turn off for 67 to go to Sky High, stay on 24 instead and head to Divide.
-Your next turn is a left onto Twin Rocks Road. (Landmark before it is Sherwood Forest and Crescent Ranch.)
-Once on Twin Rocks Rd. you will travel a ways into the Florissant National Fossil Beds. Take this until you come to the T in the road. 
-Make a LEFT at the T onto county rd 1.
-Travel a bit until you see the Lama HERD on your left. 
-Make a RIGHT onto county rd. 11. (There is also a convenient gas station/store at this intersection on your left.) (If you're traveling at night, a street light will help you to find this turn because there aren't many of them!)
-Following cr 11, you will come to another T section. Make a LEFT at the WHITE CHURCH there and continue onwards. 
-Now you are looking to make a right on Sioux Rd. into Bear Trap Ranch. The landmark I look for is a yellow Cowboy crossing sign on the right. Sioux is either the next right or the one after that. 
-Sioux is a dirt road that will shake your fillings loose. Take it down to the T section and make a left, continuing on Sioux.
-This goes for about 1.5 -2 miles (haven't mapped it yet)
-The Apache Rd Sign will be on your right, but you will make a left onto Apache. 
-The first house is 14. The second house is 30 and the third house is mine: 986. Go figure. 
-GPS so far has been pretty accurate for most visitors, unless you're fedex or UPS. Friends and family found it on the first shot. :-)