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Moving forward, I am going to up the donations ratios to GS. 
They used to be $1= 2gs and $1= 3gs if buying items for us directly, like baby wipes and the like. 
NOW... $1= 3gs and $1=4gs if buying items.
Please use the donation button on the bottom of the payments page!
Happy gaming!

New Rewards for Donations and Time:

Normally, you can only pick a magic item, using your GS after NPCing an entire event. We are going to add two other options for players who are more fond of PCing, yet who have been contributing to the game and have been acquiring gross amounts of GS that they can never spend. 
Players will be allowed to utilize a pick at the end of the 2015 season, if they have NPCed a total of 20 hours throughout the year. (Conventions do not count- only actual events.) 
In addition, also at the end of the year, PCs can use GS for a "loyalty pick" if they made it to 7 games. 

Here are the average Goblin Stamp rewards for various weapon types.  Please however check above and make sure we are currently in need of the weapons before donating.

Daggers and Small Blunt Weapon
25 GS
Short Blade, Short Bow, Light Crossbows, and Short Blunt Weapons
35 GS
Long Blade, Long Bow, Heavy Crossbows, and Long Blunt Weapons
50 GS
Two Handed Blade and Two Handed Blunt Weapons
100 GS
Pole Arms
125 GS
50 GS
125 GS
Spell/Arrow/Gas Globe Packets
1 GS/ 2 Packets

Spending Your Reward

(see rule book pg. 147 for more info on spending Goblin Stamps)

*** In order to use Goblin Stamps, a player must have a current membership in the chapter. ***

  • Event Blanket - 60 gs
    Earns experience, as if you had played, for one character for a full weekend. May not be applied for the same weekend played or gobbied elsewhere. In other words, an event blanket can be applied once per weekend per player, not per character, regardless of how many chapters played. This can only be done for the past three missed events, and only during the time in which you were a member. I.e. you cannot join in August and try to buy back anything prior. 
  • LCO Magic Item - Variable Cost
    • One pick is earned by NPCing a full weekend event. You may purchase an item with any accumulated Goblin Points earned that event and whatever you have saved up prior.
    • At the end of the event, you will be allowed to see a computer generated list to choose from. Only One item per player may be purchased. Picks may be saved for future use if you don't plan on playing for a long time. They will be saved for you when you decide to PC next and will be dated from then.
    • Goblin Points must be available for the full amount at that time, and cannot be “pre-spent”.
    • Player is responsible for providing the phys rep for the item. Must be submitted during the Friday logistics in order to have engraving completed on-site and the item usable for the weekend.
    • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sample Items: (formula based on spell level)
      • Item# of ChargesTimes Ever1/Day for a year
        Shatter1 Charge30 GS360 GS
        Disarm1 Charge
        10 GS120 GS
        Life1 Charge
        90 GS1080 GS
        Indestructible Weapon
        N/AN/A(Always On) 600
        Cloak Evocation1 Charge
        N/A480 GS

Note: We do not guarantee phys reps will not be damaged by the engraving process, and will not compensate the owner should damage occur. We strongly encourage players to use strong physreps that are not valuable. If an item cannot be engraved, you will be required to wait until you can provide one that can be.

  • Buying Back a Death
    • The first two deaths on a character card may never be bought back.
    • A player may choose to “buy back” a resurrection to reduce the risk of permanent death by reducing the number of black stones in the bag.• Resurrections may only be bought back for characters with Denver as their home chapter.
    • The cost of the first “buy-back” is 40 GS, second “buy-back” is 80 GS, third “buy-back” is 160 GS, and so on with the amount doubling for each successive buy-back.
    • Deaths may not be bought back for permanently dead or regenerated characters.
  • Production/Coin
    A player may choose to use their GS to buy up to 100 points of production items and/or coin at their first logistics period for an event.
    • 1 Production Point = 1 GS
    • 1 copper = 1 GS
    • It is not necessary to possess the production skill to buy production, for example, you can purchase weapons with Goblin Stamps with out having the Blacksmith Skill.

Get Rewarded

All donations will be rewarded with an appropriate amount of goblin 

stamps. See page 147 of the rule book for more information on 

anything not covered here.What are goblin stamps you ask?  

Goblin Stamps are ways for you to earn favor within the game for hard work and/or monetary donations.  Contact Props with any  questions or if your planning to donate.
Ways to Earn Goblin Stamps

  1. Workday/General Labor: 20GS/hour
  2. Money Donations: 2 GS/dollar
  3. General Donations of items or Services

Prior to donating anything to the game, please contact the Head of Props to assure that the items are still needed. Our donation list will be updated as often as possible, but be sure to contact us just in case. Needed Items (with out a listed GS reward) that are donated will be awarded at the rate of 3gs to $1 but must accompany a turned in receipt of purchase for compensation. Items without receipts will be up to the discretion of the GM or Head of Plot. Items donated without prior approval are subject to rejection.


An NPC is a character or monster that is controlled by plot.  Volunteering to be an NPC means you are making your self available for the event to serve as monsters or plot characters.

Full Weekend NPC
Friday Start - Sunday Close

  • Same XP awarded as if you played(PC'ed)
  • one Teacher Card
  • A bonus of 60 GS to use how you wish.
  • You are also entitled to an LCO (Local Chapter Only) magic item pick by purchasing items off of our computer generated sheet, at the end of the event, with any GS you may have accumulated. See below for information on LCO magic Items.

Bonus: NPC 5 Full Weekend events in a row, the next time you PC is free.

Faire Day NPC

NPC for a Single Day event

  • Full Event- Same experience as if you played (PC'ed)
  • A bonus of 30GS.

Help out at NPC Camp or Plot

Give an NPC a Ride!
Reduce your carbon footprint! Drive another NPC to the game to NPC a full weekend event, fill up your gas tank with Friday's date on it, and you will receive a 1gs:$1 reward as well!

Partial Weekend NPC

  1. 15-18 Hours 60 GS
  2. Less than 15 Hours: 30 GS

NPC Camp Cleanup

  • General Assist: 25 GS
  • Close NPC Camp: 50 GS

Items we are always looking for:

  • Undead Masks (Skeleton, Zombie, Ghost)
  • Duct Tape (Silver, Red & Black)
  • Monster Masks
  • Jewelry
    For Magic Items, Large enough to engrave a number on.
  • Racial Accessories
    Dwarf Beards, Elf Ears, Horns, Animal Masks
  • Two Handed Weapons
  • Goblinoid, Troll, Ork etc Masks
  • Citizen Garb
    Tunics, Wrap Pants, Pouches, Belts, Hats
    and Accessories
  • Makeup Sponges, Applicators and Clean up wipes
  • Cases of Water

Special Needs:

Special need items are those that are required urgently or for specific modules.  Special need items reward a premium of goblin stamps as listed next to the item.

  • Skeleton Tabard's (Painted Front and back with Bones to look like a torso) - 50gs Each
  • ​8 Kobold Masks (Found Here) - 120gs Each

Current Top Needs:

These are the current items most needed by Alliance Denver.

  • Feathers (for biata)
  •  Sideburns
  •  Skeleton tabards
  • Gas packets
  • A Few 5 Gallon Buckets
  • New Bins (some of ours are breaking, We need to have more of the smaller bins so that we can stack them easily and so they don't get to heavy)
  • Make-up
  • Traps (that are already built and easily set)
  • Weapons(of all kinds)

Alliance Denver relies strongly on donations of time, materials and funds from our players.  Donations help the game grow and improve the resources available for our plot team to create larger stories with more immersive props and costumes.  Are you interested in donating your time or materials?  This is the place to be.  Below you will find listings of the items we are most looking for, and the rewards we offer for your time and items!

3:$1 Goblin Stamps to Dollar Ratio