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Plot Submissions

After any full-weekend event that you attend you may perform a single (1) IBGA submission. This involves filling out a form with the following fields:

  • Are you traveling with anyone? Please give us names and email addresses and make sure that you let everyone know what you are doing.  

  • A description of a major action. This is the meat of what you are doing: going somewhere and doing something. Tell us what, exactly, you are trying to accomplish. Do keep in mind travel times when putting this together.

  • A description of how you intend to perform said major action. If you intend to research something this may indicate things like "I will pay up to 5 silver for access to this information…"

  • Any other minor actions. Minor actions are things that are trivial to do en route or at your destination. Going door-to-door through a village is not a minor action. Minor actions are more for your benefit: they tell us the bookkeeping details your character is engaged in, but you usually should not expect a response from minor actions.

Each of these fields is size limited. Please do not try to fit your IBGA into the form by having it flow between the fields or by putting into the fields "see the long and involved email I am sending you." These will get your IBGA rejected.

The idea behind the major action is that it is a "post card out and a post card back." We are trying to avoid doing anything that involves any sort of significant back-and-forth interaction in IBGAs.


In addition to the above you may send a reasonable number of IG letters via Acarthian Riders or deliver them on your way out. These may be of any length (please do not post them in the provided form, just email them to ). These may or may not generate responses (if you need any of them to generate a response then that is your major action in most cases). So you are welcome to send a letter to every estate in the Barony to inform them of something or ask them to do something, but the Riders may not even reach the location in time, depending on how far it is or how complex your request is (they are sent eighteenth-class unless this is your action).

Due Date

Plot submissions are due based on the dates on our calendar of events. These are generally two weeks before the event or two weeks after the event, whichever is earlier.

Character History Submissions

We have been receiving emails lately from folks with some great ideas for their Character Histories, however, they are almost always in different formats, and often with links to google docs, some other docs, even in notepad!

From now on, for the sanity of the plot committee, please submit your character history with the following format.... 

Email Subject Line: Character History for (Character Name ((First Name Last Name))

In body of Email:

Character Name:

Real Name:

Player Number: (If you don't know it, ask logistics)

Then attach your CH as a WORD doc only. Do not send links to other sites or locations.

Also, for submitting a Character History, we will award you 100 GS!