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Alliance Denver Live Action Role-playing

Do you have what it takes to seek adventure, fame, and fortune? Come join us in a land rich with nobility and chivalry, magic and necromancy, adventure, wealth, power, and more. Whether you want to be a heroic warrior, dashing rogue, a craftsman, a travelling bard or poet, famed healer, or a mighty wizard, we have created a world that's waiting just for you.

 Alliance Denver Live Action Role-playing is a live action role-playing game set in a medieval/fantasy world where you take on a persona of your choosing and interact with other players and a cast of NPCs both benevolent and malign. There are no scripts as the outcomes to many plotlines are decided by your actions. Put down the dice and paper, log off, grab your gear and come join Alliance Denver LARP on a new quest.

Download: Larp Rules